The shape speaks for itself: Planets are as fragile as glass. Materials Hand-blown glass, brass, LEDs Dimensions See legends of photos, or bespoke Technic Specifications Chandelier and Hanging light  ...
LUNESChandelier and hanging light

Chandelier and hanging light

Our blown glass Lunes are unique and exclusive pieces. To evoke the moon and create exceptional light effects, they are hand-modeled. They are the result of 15 skilled treatments to fuse glass and powder from selected stones. We use for quarry waste for that. As...
PLANÈTESChandelier and hanging light

Chandelier and hanging light

Our blown glass Planètes are the outcome of delicate joint work superimposing 6 layers: the light skims the stone powder suspended inside the glass. We use quarry waste for that. Each piece is unique. They offer great freedom of composition thanks to various styles of...
PLANÈTESBalanced chandelier

Balanced chandelier

The Lunes (Moon) or Planètes (Planets) of these lustres Equilibre (balanced chandeliers) float gently in space. The exclusive glasses are mouth-blown. Some of these chandeliers are moving, others are still. What makes our chandeliers unique is that they are intricate...
PLANÈTESTable lamp and floor lamp

Table lamp and floor lamp

Our Planètes are unique and exclusive blown-glass pieces. Different types of glass (eight distinct types of white Planètes), the variety of sizes and lampstands enable to customize the lamp according to desires: for example, in a cage, like a captured galaxy, or on a...